Hi, I am

Jessica Sparrowhawk
- Technical Artist -

What I can do

Visual Effects

Nothing is more sastifying than bringing a scene to life with a cool effect or animation. Even more so when it is well optimized! I work with custom shaders, particles, sprite sheets, and meshes.

Unity editor scripts

I love to improve workflow, especially when it can help the whole team. From something simple like swapping a material across a selection of meshes to more complex such as saving and editing every camera angle of a cutscene.


C# scripts, shader tweaks, and optimizations are all tasks I handle regularly.

Cutscenes and scripted events

Tutorials, animatics, branching dialogues - I've had experience with a wide range of scripted events in both mobile and PC games. I even create videos of the games I play in my free time.

UI / Web design and development

I can create and develop responsive websites that work across all devices. UI designs and mockups, promos, and ads are all things I handle as well.


Anything and everything about design and creativity is my passion, from in-game cutscenes to advertisement mockups to scripting Unity3D plugins. I started out as an artist and animator, but it wasn't long until I wanted to know more about the technical side of game and web development. I enjoy helping bridge the gap between artists and programmers. It's a lot of fun to overcome technical obstacles to make better games!

I worked as a contract technical artist for Pileated Pictures and Happy Giant for over eight years. Within that time, I've worked on numerous projects with a large range of responsibilities. I'm always learning something new and expanding my skillset. Currently handling the programming and tech art of my own VR game, and learning rigging and animation in Maya.

Latest Works

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Contact Me

Want to see more examples of my work? Have a project that you'd like me to help with? Or just want to say hello? Feel free to send me an email.